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Version 0.17.22

Post by FactorioBot »

  • Fixed vertical squashing of listbox. (68520)
  • Fixed in-game updater would not work on Windows if Factorio path or write data path would contain non-ASCII characters. (68516)
  • Undoing action of building entity that removed ghosts also restores the ghosts. The same with removal of ghosts by cancelling deconstruction. (67827)
  • Fixed that building power poles when moving very fast did not have consistent spacing. (67383)
  • Fixed undo of train deconstruction. (68102)
  • Fixed undo of circuit conditions of entities in the ghost state. (68191)
  • Fixed train pathing inconsistency between normal station departure and waypoint. (68111)
  • Fixed problems related to rail path waypoints and station removal.
  • Fixed logarithmic sliders not showing value of 1. (68392)
  • Fixed logarithmic sliders showing the same value for some positions.
  • Fixed logarithmic sliders not showing correct initial position.
  • Fixed Rich text icons not working in rotated text. (65780)
  • Fixed a crash when loading saves converted to scenarios in the map editor after changing mods. (68420)
  • Fixed that the inventory hand was not activated when the cursor was auto-refilled when entity building, tile building, fast transferring, repairing, using capsules or dropping items. (67584)
  • Fixed that fast-replacing ghosts would not transfer settings.
  • Fixed that double clicking on a list box scroll bar would trigger the confirm action. (66224)
  • Fixed train GUI preview not centering on locomotive when opening the color picker. (66115)
  • Fixed gui clipping for scrollpane inside a scrollpane. (66925)
  • Fixed biters ignoring the player when building a new base. (68492)
  • Fixed that copying settings with a blueprint would not show returned materials. (67227)
  • Fixed turret ranges with huge radius would not render correctly when zooming into a map. (68461)
  • Fixed that the reset queue would reset if the the game window is resized whilst the technology GUI is open. (68607)
  • Fixed that resizing the game window would clear the search filter in the technology GUI. (66685)
  • Fixed that crafting machines with an empty fluid_boxes key could be rotated. (68642)
  • Fixed train state not updating properly in some specific cases. (68145)
  • Fixed mining drill showing misleading message when building on top of invalid resources. (65814)
  • Fixed a crash related to assemblers that sometimes occurred during loading 0.16 modded games.
  • Fixed a crash when opening map too fast after creating a new game or new surface. (65827)
  • Fixed LuaPlayer::open_map, close_map, zoom_to_world would mutate rendering state while render thread was possibly using it causing crash. (68327)
  • Changed the custom scale slider in interface settings to be disabled when automatic scale is selected.
  • Fixed train path finding in a special case of a loop with no signals and exactly one intersection. (67357)
  • Fixed clipping when the preset description in the map generator is scrollable. (67216)
  • Better path selection within one segment that is in a loop. (68225)
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::secondary_collision_box read.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at

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Re: Version 0.17.22

Post by DanGio »

we don't deserve you ;)

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Re: Version 0.17.22

Post by danielbrauer »

Thanks for the update! I haven't seen this in the release notes (for .15 or since then) so I just wanted to check if it slipped through the cracks:
posila wrote:
Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:37 pm
In 0.17.15 cropping will check all channels are zero not just alpha.
From my own testing it seems to work as before (transparent pixels get cropped even if they have non-black RGB channels). Maybe I'm missing something?

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Re: Version 0.17.22

Post by Pi-C »

FactorioBot wrote:
Fri Mar 29, 2019 12:44 pm
  • Fixed that the reset queue would reset if the the game window is resized whilst the technology GUI is open. (68607)
I don't have a reset queue! Do I have to research it? :-D
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Re: Version 0.17.22

Post by Aardwolf »

> Fixed biters ignoring the player when building a new base.

Ha! I thought they were just in very deep concentration (cocooning) for base building

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Re: Version 0.17.22

Post by stretch611 »

And... BOOM!!!, crash to desktop... (while dragging power poles in a train.)
Bug report: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=68708

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