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Version 1.1.54

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Minor Features
  • The multiplayer games browser can now filter games that are hosted on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed west variation of Boiler and Heat exchanger graphics. (100790)
  • Fixed save/load instability occuring when the game was saved after a robot threw cliff explosives but before the cliff exploded.
  • Fixed a crash when script tries to connect rolling stock during rolling stock destruction. (101404)
  • Fixed LuaTransportLine::output_lines on a splitter's output transport line would incorrectly consider it an input transport line of that splitter. (101435)
  • Fixed LuaTransportLine::input_lines would not return both input lines of a splitter.
  • Fixed that when train was created, a wrong end could be selected as a front when rolling stock at expected trains front was facing backward.
  • Fixed that it was possible to specify artillery-projectile as a place_result of an item. (101448)
  • Fixed unnecessary disk writes when showing background simulations. (101468)
  • Fixed that sometimes the host would not have admin rights when hosting a multiplayer game from a save.
  • Fixed LuaSurface::find_tiles_filtered would not cover bottom right tile.
  • Fixed that too many open RCON connections would crash the game. There is now a limit of maximum of 128 simultaneous RCON connections. (101522)
  • Fixed a crash related to modded trains that could change travel direction due to air friction computation. (101320)
  • Fixed energy consumers would get too much energy when supplied through multiple electric networks. (101515)
  • Fixed a crash due to LuaLogisticCell not being invalidated when owner entity is being deleted. (101550)
  • Fixed that non-lamp entities could be given the 'lamp' electric usage priority which would crash the game. (101545)
  • Fixed locomotive placement would snap to wrong train stop when there are multiple stops available. (101575)
  • Fixed that the whitelist button was enabled in the /config GUI. (101230)
  • Fixed searching for items in controller gui would not highlight item stacks in the trash slots. (101490)
  • Fixed that building underground belt ghosts with smart belt building would crash if ghosts are immediately revived by script. (100619)
  • Fixed very high deconstruction_time_to_live value would lead to deconstruction orders expiring too soon. (101605)
  • Fixed that a multiplayer client could desync several times in a row, making the server save the map for desync report multiple times.
  • Fixed that crafting recipes with products exceeding their stack limit would produce only a single full stack when crafting by hand. (101614)
  • Fixed tips and tricks GUI staying open when changing controllers, and not being able to close it afterwards. (100508)
  • Fixed PvP config for health bonus didn't apply correctly.
  • Fixed that if the game couldn't connect to a server due to corrupted data, it wouldn't show any error to the user. (101654)
  • Added 'is_military_target' filter to the options for LuaSurface::find_entities_filtered.
  • Added LuaFluidBox::get_fluid_system_id() method.
  • Added LocomotivePrototype::max_snap_to_train_stop_distance.
  • Added AutoplaceControl::can_be_disabled.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at

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