[1.1.53] Crash in modded game "!entity || !entity->isOwnedByGhost() was not true"

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[1.1.53] Crash in modded game "!entity || !entity->isOwnedByGhost() was not true"

Post by Bigos »

The game consistently crashes a few seconds after the save is loaded.

I am using a couple mods, most notably the dangOreus mod; the mod list is attached.

~10-20 minutes before the crash I started logistic/construction bot production and roboport creation. I was using construction bots to remove finished miners.

The moment the crash happens I hear an alert, like something is destroyed. The dangOreus mod automatically kills (almost) everything that is built on ore and produces similar alerts. Since the game freezes the moment it crashes I cannot tell if it really is an alert.

I am running Factorio on Linux and have also found a rather peculiar issue with addr2line. The binutils version of addr2line is outrageously slow - so slow it did not produce any output after 15 minutes (when I killed it). Instead, I have switched to llvm-addr2line (by symlinking it as addr2line and making it available in $PATH) which produced a proper stack trace (as seen in the attached logs) after ~1 second. Consider either using llvm-addr2line if it is available on the system or bundling it in the factorio zip (a statically-built llvm-addr2line should be of a reasonable size).
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Re: [1.1.53] Crash in modded game "!entity || !entity->isOwnedByGhost() was not true"

Post by boskid »

Uhm... This crash is definitely on the game side since its a CTD, but i can hint you that the issue is happening due to mod "Piety". This mod is doing a really nasty thing: it holds an instance of LuaLogisticCell, kills the roboport and then expects the logistic cell is still valid and tries to use the owner of that logistic cell which at that point is in a weird state since its being changed into an entity ghost which should not have a logistic cell. What is being killed is a roboport at position {-122, 49}.

I am going to fix this by making LuaLogisticCell report invalid when the owner is scheduled to be deleted. This will mean this save file will no longer crash to desktop but instead it will throw a mod exception due to usage of invalid LuaLogisticCell.

Fixed for 1.1.54

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