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Version 0.18.16

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  • New water splash effects using water particles instead of an animation.
  • New animations for leaf particles.
  • Fixed the tank not being properly centered to its bounding box (graphical issue).
  • Fixed GUI windows not drawing properly when they can't fit the screen width. (82708)
  • Fixed glowing Heat pipe ending sprites. (81410)
  • Fixed some character bonuses in bonus GUI not being printed correctly. (82642)
  • Fixed character GUI player color sliders not changing chat colors (82501)
  • Fixed that hotkeys wouldn't work while using the character logistics GUI in some cases. (82593)
  • Fixed a desync related to unit speed changing while part of a unit group. (81054)
  • Fixed some Trigger Effects not showing correct repeat count in tooltips. (80872)
  • Added LuaEntity::effective_speed
  • Added LuaControl::is_flashlight_enabled
  • The 'on_ai_command_completed' event will now fire for distraction commands.
  • Added 'was_distracted' to the 'on_ai_command_completed' event. If true, it means the completed command was a distraction command.
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