Version 0.17.73

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Version 0.17.73

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  • Extended transport belt sprites a little bit to avoid rendering glitches at some zoom levels.
  • Added missing max_work_done_per_tick in map-settings.example.json. (76870)
  • Fixed that accumulator settings could not be copy-pasted. (76993)
  • Fixed that generators could rotate and render incorrectly. (77028)
  • Fixed bad quest GUI in NPE. (76439)
  • Fixed a crash related to the map editor "recipe locked" setting for assembling machines. (76574)
  • Fixed that Military science pack was sorted after Chemical science pack in the Lab GUI.
  • Fixed low quality texture compression would create major artifacts on some sprites. (77123)
  • Fixed a crash when reading storage_filter on infinity chests. (77128)
  • Fixed a crash when reading LuaEntity::tree_stage_index_max in some cases. (77132)
  • Changed blueprinting selection previews to include both tile ghosts and tiles when only tile ghost entities are being selected. (75925)
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when path_resolution_modifier was set to very low values. (77001)
  • Changed input_flow_limit and output_flow_limit so 0 means 0 instead of unlimited (no value still means unlimited).
  • Added LuaEntity::driver_is_gunner read/write.
  • Changed: Amount of copper-cable in Introduction scenario crash site.
  • Changed: Increased minimum size of a resource deposit to 100 in the Introduction scenario.
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Re: Version 0.17.73

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Nice! Waiting for the next stable release. :-)

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