[Klonan] [1.1.36] Axes still mentioned in PvP scenario config.lua

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[Klonan] [1.1.36] Axes still mentioned in PvP scenario config.lua

Post by KeepResearchinSpoons »

~ line 276 of base/scenarios/pvp/config.lua features equipment_list presets
medium and large have the glorious steel axes present, the small features the iron axe.
(lines 289, 294, 304 @ config.lua)

Axes been since removed from the base game.
The config does NOT crash the scenario in present state, nor bring visible problems. (cool)

Just feels odd that simple items that we need for no-mods scenarios,
like the glorious plane (aka train saver token)
got removed fast and easy.
While the patch-removed items still have the tails present.
(s)Totally unwanted content! Plz fix asap! (/s)

No such other "axe" related strings are present in the base package.
These 3 are the last survivors.
Let's kill them to avenge the removed plane item (and its fellow removed buddy items as well).
A simple task! In and out. Twenty minutes adventure! What may possibly go wrong there?

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Re: [Klonan] [1.1.36] Axes still mentioned in PvP scenario config.lua

Post by Klonan »

Thanks for the report,

Its fixed for the next release

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