Foreman 0.18.0, Now on Github!

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Foreman 0.18.0, Now on Github!

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I published a similar post on Reddit last week but I wanted to reach out here as well since they might not be the same people.
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Basically, I wanted to let everyone know that Foreman is still alive and it's active development is being managed by myself. I've managed to fix a number of bugs related to 0.17 and 0.18 compatibility as well as support for some of the more complicated mod packs such as Bobs mods. There is a still a lot of polish needed but by moving this to Github (and to no longer use Mercurial) I'm hoping we can give Foreman the attention it needs. We already have a number of pull requests merged but I wanted to reach out to the greater community to ask for any assistance. The project is a fully licensed open source project and I plan to continue supporting the project at the very least by managing it. I'll be available for advice about making contributions and merging pull requests. Hopefully I'll also have time to help make some UX improvements as well.

Thank you for any help you can give!

Discord room for contributors:

Again special thanks to the previous developers Nick Powell (PowellNGL) and Robin Rexstedt (Pobiega). The core functionality of Foreman was all their work I just added on top of it!

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