Game crash because of version 17.63+

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Burner Inserter
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Game crash because of version 17.63+

Post by Cylindryk »

As in topic...
I was using 17.62, but today I see someone decided to delete earlier versions than 17.69, and I get this bug:
Nie udało się załadować modyfikacji (failed to load modifications): error while running setup for entity prototype "advanced-assembler" (assembling-machine): invalid fluid pipe connections: connections must all be at least 1 tile distance from each other. assembling-machine fluidbox 2 connection 1 ends up being the same tile as assembling-machine fluidbox 3 connection 1.

Mods to be disabled:
squeak through

So. I know this is fault of mods, and don't care - it was working with 17.62, I was happy, now it's not working, because of deleting access on steam to 17.62...
Please fix it.
Thank you.

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Re: Game crash because of version 17.63+

Post by Klonan »

You will need to update the mods

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