Headless server quits after checksum

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Headless server quits after checksum

Post by gamephase »

I'm trying to run a headless server on a CentOS7 server. The server is set up with a dedicated port, e.g., "12345" and I set this number in config.ini. I'm trying to start the server but when I get to the checksum instruction it quits. From looking at other logs online I see the next instruction that should run is opening the UDP socket, so I'm wondering if that is causing it to crash, but no idea how to solve it. Any help is appreciated, thanks! Log dump below:

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[gamephase@web518 factorio]$ /home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/opt/glibc-2.18/lib/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 --library-path "/home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/opt/glibc-2.18/lib;/usr/lib64" /home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/factorio/bin/x64/factorio --bind --create test.zip --executable-path /home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/factorio/bin/x64/factorio
   0.000 2019-09-29 20:12:27; Factorio 0.17.69 (build 47194, linux64, headless)
   0.000 Operating system: Linux
   0.000 Program arguments: "/home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/factorio/bin/x64/factorio" "--bind" "" "--create" "test.zip" "--executable-path" "/home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/factorio/bin/x64/factorio"
   0.000 Read data path: /home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/factorio/data
   0.000 Write data path: /home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/factorio [1906518/3627164MB]
   0.000 Binaries path: /home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/factorio/bin
   0.016 System info: [CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v4 @ 2.20GHz, 48 cores, RAM: 128642 MB]
   0.016 Environment: DISPLAY=<unset> WAYLAND_DISPLAY=<unset> DESKTOP_SESSION=<unset> XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP=<unset> XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=<unset> __GL_FSAA_MODE=<unset> __GL_LOG_MAX_ANISO=<unset> __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=<unset> __GL_SORT_FBCONFIGS=<unset> __GL_YIELD=<unset>
   0.016 Running in headless mode
   0.020 Loading mod core 0.0.0 (data.lua)
   0.108 Loading mod base 0.17.69 (data.lua)
   0.476 Loading mod base 0.17.69 (data-updates.lua)
   0.662 Checksum for core: 2087614386
   0.662 Checksum of base: 1061071205
   1.010 Prototype list checksum: 3040646442
   1.059 Info PlayerData.cpp:68: Local player-data.json available, timestamp 1569783116
   1.059 Info PlayerData.cpp:75: Cloud player-data.json unavailable
   1.063 Factorio initialised
   1.064 Info Main.cpp:1008: Creating new map /home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/test.zip
   2.297 Loading level.dat: 1354793 bytes.
   2.298 Info Scenario.cpp:187: Map version 0.17.69-1
   2.358 Checksum for script /home/gamephase/webapps/factorio/factorio/temp/currently-playing/control.lua: 3265260072
   2.571 Goodbye

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Re: Headless server quits after checksum

Post by Loewchen »

I think you simply forgot to to start a server and only created a save file.

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