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Support Rules/FAQ

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All bug reports should be posted on my GitHub. Not here, not on the mod portal page, not in a reddit PM, and definitely not to my minecraft email address. If you post a bug to anything other than the GitHub, consider yourself lucky if I even acknowledge your post. When you do post, please be informative. Nothing useful can come of a report consisting only of "it crashes", or if when I ask for info you never reply. Modlists, steps to reproduce, and exact crash reports are basically a necessity. Depending on the issue, I may ask for further information, such as you to try removing mods to find a specific interaction.

For getting background/general info, asking questions to learn more, making suggestions on new content, giving balance feedback, or having other non-issue-related discussion, you have come to the right place; discuss as you like on the mod threads. Read the first page and the last page or two to ensure you are not repeating the post of someone two replies before you; noone likes looking like he is incapable of even basic reading comprehension.
Additionally, it should not need to be said, but I have learned the hard way that it does, so: Please only post on the relevant threads. Noone likes, or often even understands, a suggestion for one mod on the thread of another. Or worse, a question about my Minecraft mods on a thread about Factorio.

And please, remember that I do this on my own time, in parallel with other Factorio mods, and mods for other games. I try to check threads on a regular basis, but have no guarantees that I can do so, much less release updates to fix issues, within any specific timeframe. If you want to look mature and intelligent, you post the issue/request/etc and only rarely call attention to it. If you want to look like a child with...substandard cognitive capacity, then demand fixes immediately, get upset when I do not reply within four hours of your post, or act like I am obligated to do things like change mod mechanics to satisfy you.

With that, enjoy, discuss, or run around flapping your arms if it pleases you. Just please do not sacrifice your dignity/credibility or my time for nothing. :P

Any: Where can I get these mods?
All downloads are on the Factorio mod portal.

EndgameCombat: I sometimes end up with turrets with "rangeboost" in my inventory! What do I do?
EGCombat's turret range research, for game API reasons, requires making range-boosted copies of every turret. Normally, blueprints, mining, and similar are handled normally, but some mods (BlueBuild being a known example) do not produce drops in the normal manner, and as such yield the modified version directly. It can easily be converted to the base turret by placing and mining it, manually or with robots.

Any: Is this compatible with Bob/Angel/Biter9001/DirtToDiamonds?
I have done playthroughs with both a "vanilla style" game and with (most of) Bob's mods. Updates breaking things notwithstanding, they should be compatible. With few exceptions, I have never used other "overhaul" mods, so I cannot tell you offhand without reports from other users. But a general rule of thumb often proves accurate: Is the mod small and/or only has a few features that have nothing to do with the mod of mine in question (eg Ion Cannon vs Geothermal)? If so, a conflict is possible, but very unlikely.

Any: How balanced are these mods?
I do have a slightly unusual definition of balance. To me, no feature is inherently overpowered, it just needs to have a cost/progression/risk to compensate it. So some things in some mods might seem grossly overpowered, but I suggest trying to obtain them in survival before passing judgement. I am open to feedback - especially in the form of a setting, rather than a de facto change - on tweaks, within reasonable limits (outright removal, even from an option, is usually out of the question, especially if the feature is core or extremely popular).

Any: Can I do a mod spotlight?
I am definitely interested. That said, I would like to be involved, if only as an advisor to ensure accuracy and completeness of information.

Any: Where is the source code?
All my Factorio mods have released source on GitHub.

Any: Can I make non-config changes or derivative mods?
For personal use, do whatever you like. Make all the sprites into smiley faces, or change the localized names to the names of cartoon characters for all I care. For anything intended to be shared, including with your friends, family, or pet hamster, ask me first, and be prepared for the very-likely-negative response. This includes use of my assets - excepting those which I did not create, such as the occasional Yuoki sprite - and my code. That said, if you want to use my implementation as a guide for your own features (such as seeing how I get around a specific API limitation), go ahead.


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