[0.15] Scenario: Island Spawn

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[0.15] Scenario: Island Spawn

Post by BinarySpike »

Been working on an Island Spawn scenario which I teased on reddit. Unfortunately the mods thought it was a rule 9 violation :lol:

In this scenario you spawn on an island with default resources and some electric poles. The four main resources—iron, copper, coal, and stone "infinitely" spawn over landfill in their quadrants. Additionally, islands spawn containing all the other elements, uranium, oil, and enemies.

There are three tips to keep in mind. First landfill is the most important resource in this game, it allows you to spawn new patches of ore and connect to islands. Second islands contain substantially more ore—thus they are valuable targets for mining. Finally, holding ctrl and left click, and swiping the mouse over furnaces and assemblers saves a ton of time.

I still have a few features to finish:
  • More configurables
  • Welcome screen that explains the scenario
  • Fix visual artifacts in water during chunk generation
  • Make concrete erase ores
  • A lot more work into balancing the ore generation in quadrants and islands respectively.
Here is a screenshot of the seed "1337" (a good starter)

Github page: https://github.com/BinarySpike/IslandSpawnScenario
Island Spawn.zip
(5.67 KiB) Downloaded 315 times

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Re: [0.15] Scenario: Island Spawn

Post by Molter »

Is there a way to make spawn bigger/different shape?

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Re: [0.15] Scenario: Island Spawn

Post by daniel34 »

BinarySpike wrote:The four main resources—iron, copper, coal, and stone "infinitely" spawn over landfill in their quadrants.
At first I thought this was a bug, but then I re-read the description and now think this is deliberate. However could you include a config option to disable that and only spawn ore in the starting area? It's too OP if the only thing you need to do to get more ores is just put more landfill down, it's also annoying to have ore under every structure unless you mine it.
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