[MOD 0.12.33+]Recycling Machines

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[MOD 0.12.33+]Recycling Machines

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Recycling Machines

Description: Adds Recycling Machines to the game. These allow you to get back the ingredients that you used to create most items/entities in the vanilla game, and also new items/entities in many of the most popular mods.

Thank you to XTerminator for his Mod Spotlight on Youtube

Download Latest version: v0.12.39 (26-Aug-2016)Image

Trigger Mods will let you change the percentage amounts that are recovered from Recycling. Without a 'trigger mod' installed, you get 100% back.

Download Trigger mods for Factorio v0.12 from GitHub

Download 10% Trigger
Download 20% Trigger
Download 40% Trigger
Download 50% Trigger

Factorio Version: 0.12.33+
Released: 26 August 2016
Dependencies: None
Website: https://github.com/DRY411S/Recycling-Machines
License: GNU GPL v3
Tags: ?
Mod Compatibility

I learned a lot by studying Reverse Factory a smelter based recycling mod by Taniotoshi
Thanks to Arch666Angel for suggesting 'trigger' mods to change the amount of ingredients that the Recycling Machines return.

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