[0.12.29][posila] Negative projectile velocity

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[0.12.29][posila] Negative projectile velocity

Post by Klonan »

So i made a projectile with negative acceleration,
Which works, i like the effect of negative acceleration,
But if it doesn't reach the target, the velocity can drop to 0, and then turn negative, shooting off backwards at increasing speed
after a while projectiles break entirely, i guess as too many are on the map at the same time or something

I like negative acceleration,
But perhaps setting projectiles to destroy themselves if their velocity becomes negative?

It looks kinda funny too

Anyway i will work around by decreasing the value of negative acceleration, so that it should hit the target before dropping below 0

Breaking the game confirmed
Looks kinda funny, like the bullets are bouncing off the biters
Log file from freeze
This is the mod which sets acceleration to negative,
Use piercing rounds
(26.84 KiB) Downloaded 101 times

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Re: [0.12.29] Negative projectile velocity

Post by posila »

Some people just want to see the world burn.

Fixed for next release.

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