[0.12.21] Splitters don't stop when deconstructing

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[0.12.21] Splitters don't stop when deconstructing

Postby daniel34 » Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:13 pm

If you deconstruct a splitter using construction robots the splitter doesn't stop working, the construction robots instead remove the iron ore first, which leads to a loop.
Expected behavior: The belt and underground belt already stop when deconstructing it, I was expecting the same behavior for the splitter.
Mods: only YARM and EvoGUI, nothing game changing

Image: (fraps really makes the performance go < 10fps in a 60fps game, sorry about that)

This is just the end part of the deconstruction, I ended up with > 10 stacks iron ore in the inventory.

EDIT: Looking at the image again it seems the splitter actually does stop outputting items but is still accepting new items which have to be removed by the robots before deconstruction.
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Re: [0.12.21] Splitters don't stop when deconstructing

Postby kovarex » Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:00 pm

This is actually also problems with belts or belts to ground, but it can be easily hidden by different logic.

I solved this, by disconnecting all belts when marked for deconstruction, so additional items won't be inserted into it. The change is simple but it could cause some problems, so I fixed it for 0.13 version.
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