Give more informations on the inputs/outputs limits

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Give more informations on the inputs/outputs limits

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1) Output full
There are limits and values that can't be found easily, like :
- for machines that have output slots (mining drills, pumping jacks, chem plants, furnaces, ...), when are those outputs considered full (and therefore stops producing) ?
- when does a machine that had "output full" restart producing upon emptying the output slots ?

2) Input request
The information on when the "input full" happens is written, but on the inserter page. While this makes sense, I feel the place a player seeking this information will most likely search is the page of the "machine" (Assembling machine, science lab, furnace, boiler, chem plant, ...).
Moreover, I couldn't find the same information regarding fluids.

My suggestion is to make the information accessible on the actual page of the machine (how much excess input they take, whether via inserters, or via fluid inputs).
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