Power Armor MK. II and military science

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Power Armor MK. II and military science

Post by GrumpyJoe »


I think Power Armor MkII technology should not need Military 4 research.


a) None of the previous armors cost military science packs. The first one requires Military 1, but that is the base military one that unlocks the Grey science packs themself, which requires only red science.
b) Alot of people play this game with aliens disabled, but want a large equipment grid for base building only.
c) its modular and power armor MK I tech that unlock most of the military equipment research, like PLD comes before MK2 armor.
d) the recipe changed before, in 0.17 it chanced from Mk3 modules to MK2 ones, to avoid production science (the wiki states).

I know that tiny bit of military research is not that hard for a base that aims for the stars, but it's something that is bothering me every time I reach that point, even with bases that have aliens enabled.

I also know that it not only comes with a larger equipment grid, but also better health and resitances, but that is also true for previous ones.

Unless someone can point me to a reason it's the way it is, it seems highly unlogical to me

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