Seas of Factorio

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Seas of Factorio

Post by adam_bise »

Q: What can you do on water? Not the shoreline, but deep water chunks?

A: You can remove it with landfill.

How about adding more things to do on water? Some ideas:

1. Aquatic biters
2. Trenching
3. Bridges
4. Offshore drilling and mining
5. Items that can be built directly on water like the big electric pole and pipes.
6. Boats
7. Map gen terrain water scale and coverage "variance" and the ability to key in values out of slider range.
8. Water tiles have a refill rate property which exponentially increases based on total connected tiles. Six water tiles surrounded by land can't keep up with an offshore pump.

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Re: Seas of Factorio

Post by Koub »

Most of this has already been suggested at some point.
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Re: Seas of Factorio

Post by ssilk »

I begun to search for the links, but, man, this is really a big list of stuff.

Many links can be found here: search.php?keywords=Water&terms=all&aut ... mit=Search
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