What would you have done if 2012 had arrived

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What would you have done if 2012 had arrived

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The Maya predicted that, 2012, the day humanity will disappear.

Seeing the danger coming, a secret group of engineers, thinkers, researchers, and talents decided to design a plan to save humanity. They developed infrastructure capable of withstanding natural disasters, but what they did not foresee was that nature left them with no choice.
2012, nature has regained its right but not as humanity thought, the earth is covered with water only the infrastructure designed to save humanity stands. No possibility of developing a civilization...

By chance, there is a Core miner, which allow you to have ressources from the planete.

Image Image

Only one option: Leave Earth for a new world.

For nearly 200 years, humanity has been working to design a space platform in order to be able to exploit the resources of space. However, in the face of the few resources that humanity was able to send into space with rockets, the station did not progress enough and any hope of leaving the earth began to disappear.

2258, the year when everything changed...

Seeing humanity desperately struggling for survival, an hold alien race named Gloriante decided to help humanity. The Gloriante offered several advanced technologies, but none allowing humanity to leave the earth. The Gloriante considered that humanity had to save itself by itself.
Among the technologies that the Gloriante left to humanity were dimensional chests allowing resources to be sent instantly to the space station, as well as an almost inexhaustible source of energy. A considerable gain in resources for humanity.

Image Image

However, the Gloriante also explained to humanity that in systems close to Earth there were no planets conducive to their sustainable development and that they would have to venture very far into the galaxy. To do so, the Gloriante left behind them, two capable ships.
The first to be able to transport resources in large quantities from other planets, the second able to take everything left of humanity to a planet where to resettle. But the Gloriante gave them only unfinished ships. If humanity wanted to save itself, it would have to explore a new horizon, make even more scientific discoveries, in order to be able to activate the ship.

Image Image

Humanity then decided to put in charge of the project one person, this person:

It is you commander, good luck, the survival of humanity depends on you.
There is 3 different lvl

Easy : You have already a small base ready on you Space Station with full ressources
2012 easy.zip
(21.21 MiB) Downloaded 222 times

Meduim : Same has easy but you don't have any ressources on start.
2012 Meduim.zip
(21.21 MiB) Downloaded 225 times
Hardway : you only have the structure of the station, everythings has to be done.
2012 Hardway.zip
(21.07 MiB) Downloaded 222 times

For all the lvl :
All research are done before Space,
auto Satelite rocket for space research.
You have 25 rockets to start then you will have to send to Nauvis refueling
Some useable ressources to start.

I think Gloriante leave somethingelse, one or more usable technologie, but not sure where.
Director of HHSS

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