Wrong guide for memory cell

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Wrong guide for memory cell

Post by gGeorg »

https://wiki.factorio.com/Tutorial:Comb ... ial#Memory
scroll down to Positive cell
Picture do not work. It is wrong setting :
Aritmetic combinator is :
Signal O + value 3
correct is:
Signal O + Signal 3

Naming convention of signals is unfortunate. On top, description could be better as cell does something else.
Output of the memory cell are 2 mutually exclusive signals.
In case input signal I > 0 then signal I is passed to the other side.
In case input signal I is interrupted, then signal M is passed instead as a memory of previous input value.
When input signal I is interrupted, it takes 2 ticks to switch to memory signal M.
In case input I signal lasts only one tick then memory cell start to cycle 2 previous values, tick by tick. Indefinitely.
Switching is seamless, e.g. no ticks with empty signal.

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Re: Wrong guide for memory cell

Post by Bilka »

Thank you for finding this and pointing it out. It would be great if you could change the description of the cell on the page to your proposal, I already fixed the image.
I'm an admin over at https://wiki.factorio.com. Feel free to contact me if there's anything wrong (or right) with it.

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