[0.17.59][Linux] Crash while browsing modslist

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[0.17.59][Linux] Crash while browsing modslist

Post by EnigmaticAussie »

440.640 Error CrashHandler.cpp:595: Received SIGSEGV
Factorio crashed. Generating symbolized stacktrace, please wait ...
Raw stacktrace: 0xb212e8, 0xceaebd, 0xbaf7b8, 0xbafad8, 0xbafb39, 0x43f60, 0xba254, 0x635578, 0xb46118, 0xb46540, 0xd20e41, 0x145b322, 0x145bbde, 0x145c6dd, 0x146f438, 0x1407a9c, 0x140aee5, 0x140badf, 0xf8763e, 0xfa2a67, 0xfa35fe, 0xfb428a, 0xfb5293, 0xfb568e, 0x52d620, 0, 0x53f48e

Attached log.

I was browsing my mods list, already downloaded.
Enabling a few, taking my time - Another program displayed an alert/notification overlay on top of the game.
Game froze, then crashed.

As I was typing this up, Ubuntu displayed an "internal error occurred" dialog.
Segfault in 0x7f8affffffff

Edit 2:
Additional information:
This has never been a problem in previous versions.
There has been a small environmental change where I now only have 2 monitors installed, instead of 3 - this means that the notifications from other applications appear over the Factorio app.
This crash has happened a second time (kind of) the second time it happened, the game just froze and ubuntu gave me a "Factorio not responding, wait or force quit" popup
Edit 3:
This "Factorio not responding" gui seems to happen when changing the mods list, and then letting the game automatically restart - it hangs, then the popup appears and pressing wait doesn't resolve the issue, it continues to hang until the game is force quit, steam restarted, and then the game launched again.
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Re: [0.17.59][Linux] Crash while browsing modslist

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report. It's now fixed for the next version of 0.17.
If you want to get ahold of me I'm almost always on Discord.

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