[0.17.41] Crash while saving

Place for things which are bugs but we have no idea how to solve them. Things related to hardware, libraries, strange setups, etc.
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[0.17.41] Crash while saving

Post by ssilk »

Wasn't me.

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[ ...   See attachment! ... ] 
2592.771 Verbose Scenario.cpp:830: Saving game as /Users/ssilk/Library/Application Support/factorio/saves/_autosave2
2598.597 Verbose Scenario.cpp:946: Time to save game: 5.82656
2598.609 Info AppManagerStates.cpp:1748: Saving finished
2780.410 Info AppManager.cpp:277: Saving to _autosave3 (blocking).
2780.530 Verbose Scenario.cpp:830: Saving game as /Users/ssilk/Library/Application Support/factorio/saves/_autosave3
2781.991 Time travel logging:
  49.702 Popped blueprint record (player-index: 0, ID: 6) from book (player-index: 0, ID: 8)
  49.702 Popped blueprint record (player-index: 0, ID: 21) from book (player-index: 0, ID: 31)
  49.702 Popped blueprint record (player-index: 0, ID: 30) from book (player-index: 0, ID: 31)
2781.991 Error CrashHandler.cpp:575: Received SIGILL
Factorio crashed. Generating symbolized stacktrace, please wait ...
#1  0x00000001105aa482 in Logger::logStacktrace(StackTraceInfo*) + 0x12
#2  0x000000010fd3a3b6 in CrashHandler::writeStackTrace(CrashHandler::CrashReason) + 0x66
#3  0x0000000110593d34 in CrashHandler::commonSignalHandler(int) + 0x74
#4  0x00000001105932a9 in CrashHandler::SignalHandler(int) + 0x9
#5  0x00007fff5d4c7b5d in _sigtramp + 0x1d
#6  0x00007fff5d499d47 in nanov2_allocate_from_block + 0x268
#7  0x00007fff5d4993bd in nanov2_allocate + 0x82
#8  0x00007fff5d4992ea in nanov2_malloc + 0x38
#9  0x00007fff5d48cc05 in malloc_zone_malloc + 0x67
#10 0x00007fff5d4925c1 in realloc + 0x60
#11 0x0000000110b14af1 in luaM_realloc_(lua_State*, void*, unsigned long, unsigned long) + 0x31
#12 0x0000000110b1cf84 in luaH_resize(lua_State*, Table*, int, int) + 0x164
#13 0x0000000110b1d93e in luaH_getint(lua_State*, Table*, int) + 0x6e
#14 0x0000000110b20077 in luaV_settable(lua_State*, lua_TValue const*, lua_TValue*, lua_TValue*) + 0x47
#15 0x0000000110b21edc in luaV_execute(lua_State*) + 0xc0c
#16 0x0000000110b0d386 in luaD_call(lua_State*, lua_TValue*, int, int) + 0x76
#17 0x0000000110b0d104 in luaD_rawrunprotected(lua_State*, void (*)(lua_State*, void*), void*) + 0x34
#18 0x0000000110b0dded in luaD_pcall(lua_State*, void (*)(lua_State*, void*), void*, long, long) + 0x3d
#19 0x0000000110b035cd in lua_pcallk + 0x11d
#20 0x00000001103afa25 in LuaGameScript::saveScriptState(MapSerialiser&) + 0x185
#21 0x000000011038dea6 in Scenario::saveAs(Filesystem::Path const&, std::__1::basic_string<char, std::__1::char_traits<char>, std::__1::allocator<char> > const&, Filesystem::Path const&, ProgressObserver*, SaveType) + 0xe66
#22 0x000000011038c8fd in ParallelScenarioSaver::doSave(ParallelScenarioSaver*) + 0x5d
#23 0x00000001108cfbfc in void* std::__1::__thread_proxy<std::__1::tuple<std::__1::unique_ptr<std::__1::__thread_struct, std::__1::default_delete<std::__1::__thread_struct> >, void (*)(ParallelScenarioSaver*), ParallelScenarioSaver*> >(void*) + 0x2c
#24 0x00007fff5d4d02eb in _pthread_body + 0x7e
#25 0x00007fff5d4d3249 in _pthread_start + 0x42
Stack trace logging done
2782.071 Error CrashHandler.cpp:177: Map tick at moment of crash: 21416401
2782.071 Error Util.cpp:97: Unexpected error occurred. If you're running the latest version of the game you can help us solve the problem by posting the contents of the log file on the Factorio forums.
Please also include the save file(s), any mods you may be using, and any steps you know of to reproduce the crash.
2797.810 Uploading log file
2797.923 Error CrashHandler.cpp:575: Received SIGSEGV
2797.932 Error CrashHandler.cpp:575: Received SIGSEGV
(56.96 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
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Re: [0.17.41] Crash while saving

Post by kovarex »

This is a bug quite deep in lua while allocating memory. So it could be either random hardware bug, running out of memory, random and rare lua bug.

Either way, until something similar doesn't happen more often, I don't see a way to fix it.

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