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Re: Show me yours...

Post by evandy »

Any thoughts/help on how to increase my copper throughput? I just hooked up my big cupric Ingot production and combo-sorted pure copper... and the throughput on copper is hugely slow compared to the space the smelting arrays take. I can fit 3 Iron (or tin) Angels Smelting configurations into the same space that a single copper one takes. However, the output of both is pretty constant. If this is going to take up 3x the space, would sure be nice to get 3x the throughput. Any thoughts/advice on how to make it better?

Cupric array:


Copper Array:

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Re: Show me yours...

Post by gammaprime »

This is my current thoughts on an ore-sorting setup in creative mode.

Basically it flows from top to bottom, right-to-left. From top to bottom, crushing, floating, leaching, purification and finally purified sorting (these are the five blocks on the right).

At the end of each stage, the crushed/chunks/crystals/purified ores are extracted to the left (as non-priority) to to catalytic sorting directly to the ores (the central column).

Left of the direct sorters is where the ore "bus" is smelted to ingots. At this point, the catalytic ores are combined with the purified-sorted ores, with the purified sorted ores having priority. This means that as much as possible, the purified ores are created (more efficient, don't need as much catalyst) and the direct-sorted ores don't compete and cause back-ups, which blocks other ores.

Then, the ores are smelted to ingots to make an "ingot bus", which can be mixed as needed for alloys as needed (at this point circuits can come in to enable/disable various recipes to use more/less of some ingots)

In this case, you can see nickel is backed up because I've not set up nickel remelting, so it's only used for bronze. This means that silicon is only available from the catalytic sorters, because silicon and nickel always co-exist.

I haven't finished setting up even the ingots for all the ores, so some are voiding to infinity chests too. I also haven't finished setting up stone/geode recycling, but I strongly suspect this is going to be sulfur-negative, since I don't have any slag produced and leach/purify stages don't have any reclaimable byproducts. I'll also probably want some of the geode bits for Bob's Gemstones, so I might be short on crystals too, but they can be washed from mud if needed.

I'm starting to conclude that it's silly to do the ingots right here, and I should probably ship at least the minor ores like gold and tungsten with more involved processing and adjunct chemicals, and ores with various uses (e.g. silicon, as well as a little bit of iron for FeCl) out to sub-factories (I use LTN, so that's not really hard, logically).

I can't decide whether to keep iron and copper nearby to try to get the benefits of coils (less to ship about) for the high-volume materials, or just give up on the "smelt on site" concept and decouple the whole thing and deal with shipping raw ore (which seems it will need to move about 26 ore for 30 plates using coolant, instead of just moving 7.5 coils).
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Re: Show me yours...

Post by ZlovreD »

Modular, scalable, auto-balanced, no waste, ore-sorting-processing chain.
Geodes, slag, crushed stone and sulfuric waste water processed into ores too. Also produced Sulfuric acid for Leaching plants.
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On right of sorting fields
On right of sorting fields
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