[0.17.32] ghosted train loses schedule

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[0.17.32] ghosted train loses schedule

Post by Calibretto22 »

If blueprints are made of ghost-trains, the trains lose their schedule.

This bug was already reported for version 0.17.12 and was to be fixed in 0.17.26 (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=67739).
But the bug still exists.

Steps to reproducing the bug:
- place a train on rails and assign a schedule
- make a blueprint (A) of the train
- place the blueprint (A) - do not build it / do not place the items
- make a new blueprint (B) of the ghosted train
- place the blueprint (B)
- build the train from blueprint (B)

- the train from blueprint (B) does not have a schedule assigned

- the train should have the same schedule as the first one

Version: 0.17.32 (vanilla, Steam)

I uploaded a small savegame for better reproduction: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vz85gkk6rfsr ... e.zip?dl=0
next step in savegame: activate personal roboport to build the trains and check the train marked with an arrow

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Re: [0.17.32] ghosted train loses schedule

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report. It's now fixed for the next version of 0.17.
If you want to get ahold of me I'm almost always on Discord.

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