[0.16.51] Electric Network Info consumption slightly off

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[0.16.51] Electric Network Info consumption slightly off

Post by Muppet9010 »

Low power usage devices can show incorrectly in the Electric Network Info consumption list. For an entity with 1KW it shows 999W.

Steps to reproduce in vanilla 0.16.51:
  1. Start a new sandbox game
  2. Place a solar panel, a power pole and a decider combinator all together
  3. Open the Electrical Network Info GUI by clicking on the power pole.
  4. Wait for the consumption graph of the combinator to fill the time span (default 5seconds)
  5. Under the consumption list rather than say 1KW or 1000W it has 999W listed.
  6. The 1 Minute consumption is correct in this example.
If you create a modded entity with a lower power usage of 100W then both the 5 seconds and 1 minute lists are wrong in this way.
eletric usage bug.zip
Example save
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Re: [0.16.51] Electric Network Info consumption slightly off

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report. This is fixed for 0.17.
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