Nuclear fuel productivity

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Nuclear fuel productivity

Post by SupplyDepoo »

  1. Productivity modules work on intermediate products.
  2. Nuclear fuel is listed in the intermediate products category.
  3. Productivity works for coal mining, solid fuel & rocket fuel production.
  4. Nuclear fuel is no less an intermediate item than the other types of fuel.
  5. There's no reason to disallow it.
  6. It's confusing when you try to insert a productivity module for nuclear fuel and it's rejected.
So I suggest making productivity modules usable for nuclear fuel.

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Re: Nuclear fuel productivity

Post by daniel34 »

[0.16.16] Productivity modules, Nuclear fuel
Rseding91 wrote:Thanks for the report. Nuclear fuel is not an intermediate product: it's not used in any other recipe.

Additionally the tooltip just isn't true - it should read "productivity modules can't be used on this recipe" because it has nothing to do with what an intermediate product is and it's a simple whitelist that we decide :)
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