[0.16.51] Drill doesn't restart when new ore is placed below

Things that has been reported already before.
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[0.16.51] Drill doesn't restart when new ore is placed below

Post by hreintke »

Replicate by :

Have a drill working in an ore field -> Expected resources shows value, Ore is placed on the transport belt
The ore in the range of the drill is depleted -> Expected resources shows no value, No more ore on the transport belt.

Add ore beneath the drill with

Code: Select all

/c game.player.surface.create_entity({name="copper-ore", amount=100, position={game.player.selected.position.x, game.player.selected.position.y}})
Then it is :
Expected resources = 100, but the drill doesn't place ore on the transport belt.

It can be "restarted" by :
- In the UI, rotate 4 times
- in code by

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/c game.player.selected.active = false
game.player.selected.active = true
Note that first setting it to false is required, Just game.player.selected.active = true does not restart.

Expected behavior is that the drill restarts working when new ore is availale

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Re: [0.16.51] Drill doesn't restart when new ore is placed below

Post by daniel34 »

Not a bug.

Rseding91 wrote:That's a side effect of an optimization done for mining drills and will be staying that way.

Once the drill runs out of things to mine it is shut off so it doesn't consume CPU time needlessly on the extremely low chance that ore is spawned under it.
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