[Twinsen] [16.35] Production statistic inconsistency

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[Twinsen] [16.35] Production statistic inconsistency

Post by 0xE6 »

The numbers reported in my production chart seem inconsistent.

On the 10 minute tab, it says reports 637k items for the last 10 minutes, and either 64.0k/m or 63.9k/m, which doesn't match up. I'd expect it to either say 637k and 63.7k/minute, or 640k and 64.0k/minute
The 1 hour
and 10 hour
charts seem reasonable, and staring at the 1 minute chart for a while I've never seen it drop below 63.9k/minute, so something seems odd with the 10 minute chart.

Printing out the actual statistics

with this command

/c game.player.print(game.players[1].force.item_production_statistics.input_counts["angels-ore1-crushed"] .. ' ' .. game.tick)

several times prints out

713388174 71243987

714039006 71280596

This works out to 650832 items created in 36609 ticks, slightly more than 10 minutes. This is 17.777768660084522 items/tick or, assuming 60 ticks/second, 1066.6661196050713 items/s, exactly what I expect given that I am creating 16 fully saturated 'Ultimate' belts with a speed of 66.67 items/s for a total of 1066.667 items/s.

If we assume the 637k in 10 minutes number is accurate, that would mean the factory had to create between 21-22 items/tick for the extra 609 ticks in the above interval (depending on if raw number displayed rounded/truncated in the chart was 637000 or 637999 items), which is simply not possible with how the factory
is setup. Presumably this would be also visible on the chart as that is nearly 20% higher than average the average.
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Re: [Twinsen] [16.35] Production statistic inconsistency

Post by Twinsen »

Totals in production statistics were 0.33% off due to a miscalculation.

There will still be some small error due to the way we sample the data.

Fixed in Version: 0.16.36

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