No-Deconstruction (Custom Scenario)

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No-Deconstruction (Custom Scenario)

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Yesterday on the /r/Factorio a certain thread was floating around concerning a specific challenge: launch a rocket without deconstructing anything, with some exceptions and other restrictions. I commented that if there were enough interest, and that I could try making a custom scenario out of this. One day later, and here I am delivering it!
  • Just like in real life, everything you do is permanent. You cannot mine any items you place down.
  • Unlike real life, you cannot hurt yourself nor anything you build. No blowing up your machines!
  • Trains may not be set to automatic
  • Blueprints are not allowed, nor is placing ghosts for machines. No planning! Do it live!
  • Some exceptions exist for upgrading inserters, assembling machines, etc. Even more exceptions exist for building splitters on top of belts (hold SHIFT to place a ghost), underneathies on belts, etc.
  • Biters will still damage and kill your stuff, but shame on you if you collude with the enemy because of your own mistakes. They are biters, not maids.
If you find any bugs or issues please let me know. If you find a way to delete your built items, don't abuse it! Have fun!
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