[Dominik] Weird construction robot target

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[Dominik] Weird construction robot target

Post by TheUnknown007 »

The only construction robot in the save has some weird target, but I can't see what (debug only shows logistic robot targets).

When you load the save, it is going to the leftmost roboport (use the map roboport coverage view to find it) to charge. Afterwards, it goes left, outside the roboport range, then runs out of charge, and goes back.
Its target seems to be moving, so I think it might be a train that I already repaired myself some time ago.
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Re: Weird construction robot target

Post by daniel34 »

Target of the construction robot is a locomotive called Alex Starr, part of a 1-1 train. It is the 4th train in the Train dialog. It also is the train that is on the top left in the map preview picture and the one that is driving to the left two rails above you when you load the map.

I have no idea why it's trying to repair that locomotive though, it has full health.
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Re: [Dominik] Weird construction robot target

Post by Dominik »


The behavior in your save is composed of two parts.
First one is the construction robot following a target far from its base. This has already been changed, but not yet released. In the future, the robot will stop following when the target leaves the construction zone.
Second one is that the robot only realizes that the target has been repaired when it reaches it. That has now been changed to update immediately. Both changes will come in 0.16.

Thanks and keep playing :)

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