Muddy Mountains: Death World mod pack fan fiction

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Muddy Mountains: Death World mod pack fan fiction

Post by featherwinglove »

I've played much further in my fanfic game than I've posted because there doesn't seem to be much interest, and I need some replies to dilute the pile of screenshot images and keep loading times for people who want to read it under a few days ;) One of the rules I have is that I lose a character if I revert (although I only lose one character in the case of multiple reverts in the same battle.) So, I've lost my first character on Day 25.

Some mods:

Mountains - Covers all resource patches in rocks that need to be cleared away before they can be mined. It also a major pain if you land in them at the start of the game

No Hand Crafting - I bumped up its machine most of the way to Mojo Resource Processing standards (mod support discontinued after 0.12), power consumption 400kWf, pollution 0.1 (40PU/sec), crafting speed 0.25, practically infinite ingredient count (it has code that scans through all the recipes it can find and sets the ingredient limit to one more than the maximum number of ingredients it can find, which I believe is 11 in this case.)

Bob's Everything - all modules enabled (including god modules.)

Hard Crafting - adds dirt, gravel, slag, sludge, coal dust to vanilla primary resources.

Hard Storage - Tiny chests courtesy of Versepelle. Combined with Hard Crafting, it's a major pain: a mining machine can produce up to four different items, while a wooden chest can hold only two.

Warehousing - Storehouse reduced to 80 stacks, warehouse to 300 stacks so it's more in line with Hard Storage. I also bumped up Hard Storage's basic repository, since it is both expensive and large for its default capacity.

SJT Dirty Ores - Combined with Hard Crafting, interesting things happen, such as dirty dirt. Trace gravel could be interesting too. Affects all ores, including new primaries from Bob's.

Science Cost Tweaker - Am I certifiable yet?

Pollution Damage - My own little mod that damages the character if he's standing in more than 1000PU; also Pollution Control and EvoGUI so what I don't know doesn't kill me. That's about all the mods which make the game harder.

Some air filtration mod, and I think another one too.

More Floors - has the effect of making huge gravel stacks and putting them on the logistics tab

Reactors - doesn't seem to be working properly as I can only get stone out of the uranium patches

KS Power - Torches, too.

Water Well and Aquifer Drill - eliminates the need for off shore pump and natural water. I can't eliminate natural water any more since there is no longer an option for no starting area.

Space Extension for 0.14

Ion Cannons

Additional Turrets - for blowing bugs up.

Day Night Extender - 56 minute day, no scaling of the accumulators should be quite a challenge in the solar era.

Wood Gas, Charcoal Burner, Bergius Process, GDIW, Deep Quarry - miscellaneous help in case oil is a pain. Bob's Revamp also helps since it makes sulfur practically for free.

Some incidentals: Belt Sorter, Avatars, Factorissimo 1, Blueprint Flipper, Nanobots, Big Wooden Power Pole, Electric Furnaces, FARL, Foreman, Efficiensee, Junk Trains, Mining Tools, most of which are either not in use (yet) or for coal emergency. Efficiensee is in use, but doesn't have much effect on the game. Mining Tools is vastly overpowered, so I put blue science on it. This gives a chance for Bob's axes to get a swing against those Mountains.

Tarawind Beacons: Once that and Bob's Modules get wound up, it's probably going to get strange in a way that Space Extension and Science Cost Tweaker need.

Slow Key and Time Lapse and Suit Plug, Rocket Auto Starter, Reverse Factory, and a few others. Maybe I should mention YARM. There are a total of 66 mods.

So, one doesn't need all of them to generate the map fairly closely. Probly Bob's Ores, Hard Crafting, SJT Dirty Ores should do it:


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