[Terrain] Water

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[Terrain] Water

Post by Nubm2 »

Water - as terrain type - serves 3 main purposes: Water source for machines, a natural obstacle, and source of fish. For now, water can only be removed but not build. Which feels strange and like an easy workaround. Well, the main reason for this: It blocks movement of critters. Any attempt to make water 'placeable' would require other things to get changed as well, or else it would become overpowered. There is already a mod for placing water, and it shows exactly that.
Water blocks every movement and placement of buildings for players and critters (except fish). There are only small lakes and puddles (on default maps), but they are spread out and do not block access to other regions. Its very expensive to remove water on a fresh start, which changes in the mid and late game.

However, there are so many possibilities that are left out. I'd like to suggest some more uses to the water terrain, but it needs some look into other aspects of the game as well or else it wouldn't work - or change/corrupt the content and focus of Factorio.

Make shallow water a 'soft' terrain type
Water comes as two types: shallow and deep. Shallow water should be traversable by foot but not vehicles. Players or critters walking in shallow water will become slower but can still attack. Critters can move faster in water than players. Critters receive reduced damage while in water.
This would allow placeable (shallow) water and rivers. Deep water however cannot be placed (but removed) and would still act as natural obstacle. Lakes would just get a soft zone around them. If you want to use (or abuse) deep water for defensive purposes, you had to fill out the shallow water first to place turrets and walls. however, landfills aren't that expensive in small numbers, and its easy to set up small islands with room for a gun turret or two right away, if necessary.

Let water terrain become more dynamic (map generation and transportation)
Rivers do not work in the actual game since they would block players out from exploration and resources. But rivers have some huge advantages.

First, they would make the map look much more realistic and less static and 'generated'.

Second, rivers could open up a whole new path: Transportation via cargo ships. This would only require a very small amount of new technology, research and vehicles. Cargo ships wouldn't be worth the effort in the game as it is right now (on default maps) since there is no way to connect lakes. They would make a great extension though, since they are basically trains on water - Therefore the basis and focus of the main game remains untouched.

Third, most (bigger) rivers would finally end up in an ocean biome, including smaller and bigger islands. Since oceans have mostly deep water, they would allow deep water cargo ships (freighters), which are much bigger. However, the player has to level the shallow water first to create an harbour on deep water.
This would allow long range transportation and another and new way of exploration. Also its fun to connect ocean harbors with inland harbors, and those with trains to get your stuff around. Shipping resources in, bring fuel to outposts, etc.

As for automation, Ship routes could be placed like rails, with buoys as signals. I'd prefer buoys as way- or checkpoints that can be connected like power lines.

Other stuff:
- Concrete and rails placed on shallow water will automatically turn into bridges. Landfills placed on a bridge will turn it back to its normal look. Bridges cannot be placed on deep water, the have to be filled first. Rail bridges cannot turn or cross.
- Water cannot be placed if anything is in the way, including rails and concrete.
- Small ships can use any fuel a furnace would, while cargo ships require light oil and Freighters run on heavy oil. They all require engine tech to be build, cargo ships+ also oil processing.
- Hangars/depots would make a great extension (buildings that act as big chests).

tl;dr: Make shallow water traversable. It would allow map upgrades like Rivers, placeable water and transportations via ships without corrupting game focus and mechanics.

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Re: [Terrain] Water

Post by ssilk »

Much better.

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