[0.14.12] Technology without enough prerequisites

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[0.14.12] Technology without enough prerequisites

Post by GuiltyBystander »

Maybe it's just me, but when a technology unlocks a recipe, it should mean that you can build it immediately. However, there are a few cases where this isn't true because the recipe require components that aren't necessarily unlocked. I find this most noticeable on the rocket silo. Just because you have the rocket silo researched, doesn't mean you can build an launch a rocket with satellite. You also need concrete, solar panels, accumulators, and electric engines.

Here's is a full list of the technologies/recipes and the prerequisites that should be added. I'm using the names in the lua files.

Tech: advanced-electronics
Recipe: processing-unit
Missing item(s): sulfuric-acid
Suggested Prerequisites: sulfur-processing

Tech: battery
Recipe: science-pack-3
Missing item(s): advanced-circuit, filter-inserter
Suggested Prerequisites: advanced-electronics, electronics (although this would count as a redundancy if the first was added)

Tech: electric-energy-distribution-2
Recipe: substation
Missing item(s): advanced-circuit
Suggested Prerequisites: advanced-electronics

Tech: flame-thrower
Recipe: flamethrower-turret
Missing item(s): engine-unit
Suggested Prerequisites: engine

Tech: fluid-handling
Recipe: small-pump
Missing item(s): electric-engine-unit
Suggested Prerequisites: electric-engine

Tech: rocket-silo
Recipe: rocket-silo
Missing item(s): electric-engine-unit, concrete
Suggested Prerequisites: electric-engine, concrete

Tech: rocket-silo
Recipe: satellite
Missing item(s): solar-panel, accumulator
Suggested Prerequisites: solar-energy, electric-energy-accumulators-1

Tech: solar-panel-equipment
Recipe: solar-panel-equipment
Missing item(s): solar-panel
Suggested Prerequisites: solar-energy

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Re: [0.14.12] Technology without enough prerequisites

Post by voyta »

I do disagree with the premise. You should be able to immediately build at least SOME items unlocked by the technology, not ALL of them.
For example you say I must research electric engine in order to be able to use storage tanks.
(Solar energy prerequisite for Solar panel equipment still makes sense, as you don't unlock anything else by that tech)

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Re: [0.14.12] Technology without enough prerequisites

Post by Rseding91 »

Finishing a technology has never guaranteed you can build/use everything on the unlock path it has to offer and I don't see this as worth spending any time on as it doesn't effect gameplay at all.
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Re: [0.14.12] Technology without enough prerequisites

Post by DaveMcW »

Cutting the number of trees in half (tech only instead of tech + item) is a huge usability improvement for newbies. Kovarex did some work on that area before, but the remaining techs are the tricky ones.

However, some new techs were added that have easy fixes:

electric-energy-distribution-2 <-- advanced-electronics
flame-thrower <-- engine-unit
rocket-silo <-- electric-engine
rocket-silo <-- concrete

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