New Map String 14.0

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New Map String 14.0

Post by Zonk »

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-Big starting area
-Big rich and much Ressources except coal which is normal
-Biters are normal

Picture say more that 1000 Words:
I dont know why the link doesnt show a Picture here??

Only downside it havent much Iron at the perfet Spot. But its enough to have Burning Drills insert Coal and Ore directly into Furnances early on and more iron ist too far away. Stone is just 1 screen away! (Its bad to see because my name covers the stone patch at the right side of teh coalfield. If you watch closely you can see it peeking out betwen the "o" and "n" from Zonk)

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Re: New Map String 14.0

Post by ChurchOrganist »

Bit too easy for my taste :)

Suppose it might be good for beginning a speed run :)
Want to know where the biters chewing your power plant have come from??
Wondering where your next iron is going to come from??
You need Long Range Radar

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