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Angel's Refining

Postby Arch666Angel » Wed May 04, 2016 10:08 pm

Angels Mods

I. Angels Infinite Ores
II. Angels Refining
III. Angels PetroChem
IV. Angel's Smelting
V. Angel's Bio Processing
VI. Angel's Components
VII. Angel's Logistics
VIII. Angel's Addons
IX. Angel's Triggers

X. Development and Discussion
XI. Bugs & FAQ
XII. Donations and Chocolate Fund

Release: 2016-04-15
Category: (Item, SimpleExtension, Gameplay)
Tags: Ores Refining, Ore Processing, Complexity, Bobs Mods, Yuoki Industries, Uranium Power, Nucular
Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Be aware that removing and/or adding it to a running game will mess things up (recommended is starting a new game)

-Changes the Ores so you have to refine them prior to smelting them. For the base game better refining means less byproducts. With bobmods and angelsinfiniteores you have to refine all the base and bobores from 6 raw ores.

All the ores (from base/bobs/YI/UP/NUC) will be replaced by 6 new ores and a patch resource, from which you have to refine the individual mods ores. (can be combined with YuokiOres, Uranium Power Ores and Nucular Ores).
-With bobmods the refining will give you the different bob ores needed for crafting
-With just the base game the refining will give you an assortment of ore chunks which have different yields and can be refined further to increase their yield. (angels-infinite-ores 0.2.0 required)

-Supports Vanilla Ores, BobsOres, Yuoki Ores, UraniumPower Ores and Nucular Ores
-Works with just the base game, for the full blown mod bobmods and angelsinfinite ores mod is required.

Mod File:
-Bobbingabout of bobmods for his code and mod to learn from, his advice and also for the method to use tinted ore sprite sheets.
-Orzelek of RSO mod for his advice and the great integration of infinite ores.
-YuokiTani of YuokiIndustries for advice and GFX
-ADKrieg for GFX Link|Link)
-Everyone who gave feedback and helped to develop the mod speacially Darkrail, Bonsai and Bruteman
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Re: [MOD 0.12.x][Base][BOB][YI][UP][NUC] Angels Refining 0.1.4

Postby Arch666Angel » Sun May 22, 2016 7:17 pm

Long description Angels Refining

All the ores (from base/bobs/YI/UP) will be replaced by 6 new ores and a patch resource, from which you have to refine the individual mods ores.

New buildings and refining steps:
-Ore Crusher: Frist refining step, raw ores are turned into crushed ores and crushed stone as byproduct
GFX by YuokiTani

-Floatation Cell: Second refining step, crushed ores and water are turned into ore chunks, a bit of sulfur (might be change to sulfur water which has to be processed to sulfur later on) and gems
GFX by YuokiTani

-Leaching Plant: Third refining step, ore chunks and sulfuric acid are turned into ore crystals
GFX by YuokiTani

-Ore Refinery: Fourth refining step, ore crystals are turned into purified ores (need of catalysts is planed)
GFX by YuokiTani

-Ore Sorting Facility: Sorts crushed ores, ore chunks, ore crystals and purified ores into smeltable minerals. Produces Slag as a byproduct for lower tier refining products (crushed, chunks, crystals)
GFX by Arch666Angel

-Filtration Unit: Filters dissoluted slag, needs a constant supply of filters to do that. Filter are made disposeable from coal or multi use from ceramic (alumina)
GFX by ADKrieg

-Crystallizer: Forces the crystallisation of higher minerals from the filtered slag solution
GFX by ADKrieg

-Thermal Extractor: Extract mineral rich thermal waters from deep underground, need a fissure to work on
GFX by Arch666Angel

-Hydro Plant: Purifies Water to be used and/or reused in the refining process, also has an alternative way to produce saline water
GFX by Arch666Angel

-Clarifier: Acts as a void pump for the specialized water variants
GFX by Arch666Angel

refining.png (974.6 KiB) Viewed 88766 times
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Re: Angel's Refining

Postby Arch666Angel » Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:05 am

-added override for bob pure water

-small script update
-fixed Yuokis and UP overrides again

-fixed broken override for Yuokis and UP
-fixed smelting recipes from crushed

-tweaked some recipes for buildings
-added expensive recipes for all buildings
-added expensive recipes for sorting, crystallizing, crushed to stone, crushed to plates
-added mod settings to adjust expensive settings
-fixed broken vanilla mode

-fixed a bug in the overrides that caused additional waste waters not to be added

-script update

-fixed typo

-added checks for the dynamic localization function
-fixed that washing was not disabled if smelting was not present

-added localization back in for resouce patches and ores
-doubled acid consumption by leaching plants (5 -> 10)
-increased acid consupmtion for dissolution recipes (10 -> 15)
-increased amount of fluid processed by ceramic filtering (25 -> 35)
-decreased waster water from ceramic filtering (25 -> 10)
-increased waster water from coal filtering (25 -> 30)
-increased yield for final washing recipes (nodules, limestone, clay, sand)

-adjusted washing recipes for final products
-decreased seafloorpump speed
-added more dynamic recipe override for buildings (should fix dependencies on bobelectronics and boblogistics)

-added missing check if you disabled infinite ores

-fixed a typo that caused issues for some people

-redesigned the water washing process (needs rebuilding)
-added clay and sand if smelting is enabled
-increased fluorite from crystallization

-fixed additional fluid values
-added uranium to the refining tables

-migration fix for non petrochem

-added additional item migration.
-added function to add fluid icon to the barrel items.
-added function to disable barreling recipes.
->disabled double barreling recipes for overridden bobs and vanilla chemicals

-added a fix for migration
-added a fix for mod options
-changed name of the heavy pump to barreling pump
-moved vanilla barreling recipes to angels-fluid-control tab
-moved storage tank to fluid-control-tab
-fixed errors that happend because of the heavy pump move
-fixed that the acid override had old 0.14 fluid values

-added heavy pump
-added options to use either vanilla barreling or heavy pump barreling
-added options to use auto barreling (heavy pump selects barreling recipe by itself)

-added fixed override functions

-added mod option to use angels or vanilla barelling

-added temporary fix for override functions

-fixed thermal extractor not working
-removed water-treatment-3 technology for vanilla

-update for 0.15

Version 0.6
-added Fatmice Uranium Power tweaks viewtopic.php?p=229924#p229924
-added water treatment 3, changed prior techs to lower requirements, moved salt recipes to wt3
-added washing plant 2

-updated icons to match new plates in smelting
-increased output of manganese and chrome
-disabled sand recipe (no use as of yet)
-enabled productivity for all recipes in ore-sorting-facilities and crystallizers

-fix for empty barrel recipe

-added barreling for nodule fluids

-fixed recipes for washing plant and seafloor pump

-added support smelting 2.0
-added washer processing chain

-fixed missing void recipes for saline and mineralized water if only refining is used

-decreased crafting time for all salination plant recipes
-added new vanilla mode
-changed order of the geode processing recipe, to match their occurence in floatation
-fixed crystallizer mk2 energy consumption

-increased geode yield a bit again
-added additional migration for older versions

-updated functions

-fixed Crystal Catalyst not being craftable

-migration fix

-migration fix
-void items are now hidden

-internal restructure
-reduced amount of geodes from floatation
-readded other color geodes to floatation recipes
-removed parts of the geode/gem processing line
-added crystallization of gems
-added gem-crystallization technology
-added crystal catalysator
-reduced waste water output on all recipes
-added barrel recipes for lithia-water
-removed vanilla version
-removed furnace type entities experiment
-fixed some grouping errors

Version 0.5
-fixed values for salination recipes
-added grouping for barrel items

-removed legacy thermal-water-barrels
-small fixes
-improved salination plant recipes

-fixed clarifier not working

-another migration fix

-migration fix for vanilla

-migration fix

-added barreling for fluids
-added new tabs for barreling and water-treatment
-added barreling technology
-added salination-plant
-added recipes to produce saline-water and salt
-increased clarifier input
-several small fixes

Version 0.4
-another fix for furnace types (source_inventory_size)

-fix for furnace types

-changed rubyte coloring
-added trigger to enable furnace types for refining machines

-added missing migration
-changed mineralized water recipe to use water instead of purified water
-changed rubyte coloring

-added additional water-treatment options to go along the tie ins with petrochem
-converted parts of the overrides to script to make it more robust
-redone the icons for waste water
-adjusted module slots for main refining buildings
-added module slots to the thermal extractor
-added trigger support to enable productivity on sorters, crystallizer and dissolution recipes.

Version 0.3
-fixed a load error for the vanilla variant caused by the renaming of yellow waste water

-fixed/added migration

-fixed an error with the waste water name change and yuokis

-fixed a typo
-renamed floatation waste water to yellow waste water, to reflect that it isnt exclusively give by the floatation process

-fixed order of buildings in crafting menu
-decreased sodium hydroxide output of saline water electrolysis recipe

-fixed crystallization recipes for additional mods to require 5 minderal sludge

-changed recipes for the liquifier to be more avaiable early game
-fixed the base game recipes for MK3 leaching plant and floatation cell

-replaced icon for jivolite ore

-fixed an error

-replaced water in bob chemical recipes with purified water
-added some localization strings

-Updated to game version > 0.14

Version 0.2
-Fixed missing fast_replaceable_group for burner-ore-crusher

-Fixed a logic error

-Fixed some recipe values
-Changed ceramic filters, they need to be cleaned after use now
-Re-rendered the Hydro-Plant to fix a bug with MacOS and improve animation

-Fixed error with vanilla

-Fixed error with vanilla

-Fixed migration (hopefully)
-Added recipe to turn crystal slurry into mineral sludge
-Added Hydro Plant Mk2
-Added recipe to turn crushed stone into mineralized water

-Changed several inconsistencies with the localization
-Changed the processing/refining chain for gems
-Rearranged some groups and icons
-Added new technology: Geode processing 2
-Added new building: Liquifier, as an early simpler chemical plant
-Changed Icon for Thermal to Lithia Water

-Fixed an error

-Fixed broken migration script for slag processing, UP, YI and NUC support
-Fixed icons for advanced sorting for UP, YI and NUC

-Fixed missing dependency/broken tie in for other mods (YI, UP, NUC)
-Switched tables for vanilla sorting
-Updated more of the icons
-Added localization for the Geode Processing technology
-Added advanced recipes for other mods ores (YI, UP, NUC)
-Removed config file

-Added geodes to the game, they are a byproduct to the hydro refining and drop from rocks.
-Added geodes processing lines to get bobgems from them
-Re-Rendered most technology icons to be 128x128 px
-Added some missing localizations
-Added recipes to get lithia water from thermal water
-Moved some item-groups to other rows in the angels-refining tab
-Rearranged the position of some recipes

-Updated for version 0.13
-new icons for several items
-fixed error clarifier void recipes

Version 0.1
-fixed an error with the clarifier not working

-fixed a typo in the migration file

-changed the crafting speed for the ore-crusher-mk2 from 3 to 2
-fixed a possible naming error
-added clarifier, which acts as a water void pump for the specialized water types

-reworked vanilla version: will now use the same mode as the bobs version. angelsinfiniteores are now required.

-added recipe to turn crushed stone into mineral sludge
-added water treatment recipe to yield YI contaminated water
-added individual icons for slag processing recipes

-fxied an error with nucular integration (requiring the wrong material for the sorting recipe)
-added localization for the base game variant
-added hydro-plant and config settings to enable/disable it
-moved the catalysts into the processing mod
-tweaked some stats for the refining buildings (consumption, modules, idle drain, pollution)

-fixed tier 1 ore mixing results to 4 instead of 3
-cut the time for all the sorting recipes in half
-added final version of the thermal-extractor
-updated the icons for alien artifacts and catalysts
-fixed an error with the vanilla sorting recipes crafting categories
-added oil-processing as a requirement to the hydro-refining technology
-changed the cost of ore-refining and advanced-ore-processing-4 technology from requiring science-pack-4 to alien-science-packs
-added basic catalyst as ingredient to the tier 4 refining (crystal to purified)
-added support for nucular mod and its uranium ore to angelsinfiniteores and angelsrefining
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