Performance problems and how to report them

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Performance problems and how to report them

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Factorio does not artificially limit how big you can build, even high-end processors can reach a point when the factory can no longer be simulated at full speed.

FPS and UPS:
Pressing F4 in game and selecting "show-fps" shows two counters.

UPS: Game updates per second. Normally around 60, lower means the CPU is limiting.

FPS: Frames drawn on the screen per second. Cannot be higher than UPS, lower means the GPU is limiting, reducing the graphic settings can compensate that.

Effects of low UPS:
In singleplayer or multiplayer with a slow server the game will simply run slower.

If a client is slower than the server though, they will experience significant lags and sluggishness because the server will not slow down and the client will repeatedly fall behind, catch up and fall behind again. This is usually unplayable for the client.

A server admin can reduce the speed with the following command to enable the slower players to keep up:
/c game.speed=v
with 0<v<1 (v=1 restores normal speed).
By doing so, the game will run slower for all players. Running this command will disable achievements.

How to report performance problems

Unless you have reason to believe your problem is caused by a bug, report it in Technical Help instead please.

A performance problem report must include ALL of the following:
  • log-file
  • Screenshot of the game with the following debug options: show-fps, show-time-usage, show-gpu-time-usage, show-multiplayer-waiting-icon, show-multiplayer-statistics, hide-mod-guis. (press F4 and select those options. No additional debug settings may be activated!).
    For intermittent problems provide 2 screenshots, with and without issue.
  • save-file (located in the saves folder in the Application directory).
  • mods used that are not available on the mod portal.
Mods can easily cause bad performance when not optimized, only report modded games if you have reason to believe the slowdown is caused by a bug in the mod API itself.

If files are too big for a direct forum attachment, post a public Google-drive or Dropbox link instead.

Thank you!


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