[0.10.6][slpwnd] Construction Robots

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[0.10.6][slpwnd] Construction Robots

Post by Bonsai »

I dont like overproducing at a certain point in the game so i just organize and minimise the production of items.

The problem was in 0.10.5 as well

I stumbled upon a thing which is bothering me a little:
I do know that i have in this case exactly 2 Gun Turrets in my System, but since 1 Robot can carry/pick up more items at once (Dytech Construction Robots Mk 1 with maxed out Cargo Size = 9) this happens:
Wrong_Pick_Up_Example.png (305.18 KiB) Viewed 2115 times
AFAIK This is not related to Dytech, because i had the same problem even with normal Construction Robots.
Since there are less than 10 Turrets in the System, only 1 Robot is required to pick the amount up to 9 items at a time, only 1 Robot gets sent out to do the job.
Wrong_Pick_Up_Construction_Robot_Mk_1.png (49.61 KiB) Viewed 2115 times
After the first Gun Turret is placed (and not just picked up) another Robot gets the job to place the second one.

I'd like to see eighter 1 Robot picking up and placing both turrets or let the job be done with the needed amount of Robots requested to the amount of items to be placed.

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Re: [0.10.6] Construction Robots

Post by sillyfly »

I can confirm this is happening without mods installed.
Also - while the items are gone, I get messages that I don't have enough items in storage, although there are (e.g. - a greedy robot took them)

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Re: [0.10.6][slpwnd] Construction Robots

Post by slpwnd »

Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in 0.10.7. The problem was that the robot "reserved" all the items he could (up to 4 in vanilla) but took only 1. The solution is simple: for reconstruction robots reserve and take only 1 item (regardless of the size of their inventory).

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