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Modded Achievement Enabler

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This tool will enable achievements (in-game, and on Steam) for modded saves. This will not work for saves where cheats, console commands, or the map editor have been used. This also will not enable achievements for which you've failed the prerequisites (i.e. Getting on Track).

This will use your vanilla achievement progress, so you may see stats change when you first enable it, as progress made on modded saves without this tool are separate (achievements-modded.dat).

To install, place version.dll in the same folder as your Factorio.exe. By default this would be Factorio\bin\x64\ .

If things aren't working as expected, run Factorio.exe from a command line with the following syntax: factorio.exe > %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\out.txt . The log file you get should detail if the patches were applied. If they weren't, please open an issue on Github or post here and I'll do my best to get things updated.

Wube, for being awesome and providing the debug symbols with the game.
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