"Each" Signal Choice as Stack Size Control Signal

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"Each" Signal Choice as Stack Size Control Signal

Post by Meddleman »

Please add the "Each" signal choice as a Stack Size Control Signal to Inserters to allow more finely tuned control.

What ?
Are there plans to add the "Any", "Every", or preferably the "Each" signal choice as the Control Signal to Inserters when overriding Stack Sizes?
The idea is to use the count of the current signal used as a filter (which can arbitrarily change with multiple signals on the same wire) as the same signal (and count) for the Stack Size.
Even on Stack Filter inserters it handles multiple signals perfectly fine and in sequence when wired with the "Set Filter" condition.
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Why ?
Example, Requester Chest has 20 of one item, and 4 of another.
With the aforementioned addition, as the current filter signal is used by the inserter to pick up that specific item, the same signal count overrides the stack size (within min-max bounds). It picks up 12, and then 8.
It then picks up a different item now that it has a different signal, and of course picks up only that count of items, being 4.
Because its set to the "Each" control signal, that could first be arithmatically-combinatorially altered, (divided by 2, or adds 1) for more finely tuned control, it might first pick up two sets of 10 of the first item,then two sets of 2 of the second item.
But this seems nonsensical and weird!
I know, 99% of players would like to have their inserters working with maximum stack size all the time, but then why we even have the option to set stack size with a signal?
For those wanting to squeeze that last bit of efficiency percentage from their factories with inserter magic, this could be a simple yet useful addition to the game.
But its being added to 0.17 anyway!
If it is, my apologies. Move right along :mrgreen:

Thankyou for the consideration.
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Re: "Each" Signal Choice as Stack Size Control Signal

Post by SupplyDepoo »

This or a way to set signal priority on the inserter and a combinator to select signals by MAX/MIN is needed! Thank you.

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Re: "Each" Signal Choice as Stack Size Control Signal

Post by durzolr »

+1 to this.

I'm currently learning deeper circuit logic, and have tasked myself with creating a functional sushi belt system for a 30 assembler "admin" module (my internal name for where I produce all my belts, inserters, etc for actually BUILDING my factory.) With as many different items as is needed for this (using IR overhaul) all my inserters are running with set filters coming from chest/combinator instructions. I'm confused to why I can tell it WHAT to pick up, but not HOW MANY to pick up. I guess I can add another combinator to figure out how many I need and then output that as an alphanumeric signal, but I'm working with tight quarters and that seems unnecessary.

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