Mechs / Robots (KI) for the Player

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Mechs / Robots (KI) for the Player

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The Idea
  • Mechs/Robots which can be build by player and stay till they die or removed by player (like a car)
  • Mechs/Robots are available in different types for example with two light machineguns or with two rocketlauncher or something what isn´t overpowered
  • Mechs/Robots have different modes: Follow Player , Stay there and walk arround in a area of 10x10 blocks (maybe more or less) to look for enemys
  • Player can give order to walk to a location (so maybe Mechs without guns to explore the world or to transport items (5 Slots or so))
  • Every Mech has a custom Menu (like a combinator menu or a chest or a car...) where you can change the settings
  • Maybe variation of economy-mechs and war-mechs but have to decide which one to use (because the limit) where eco-mechs can gather ores and explore and so on
  • Mechs/Robots need the purple alien item and the last circuit boards to build to make it more difficult (?)
  • I think they find a good place in that enviorment (future and lost place like Command and Conquer) and to be not so alone 8-)
  • I think back to an old game which called "upspring2" where you can build a base and handle all allone but with allied AI it would be more fun maybe
Problems and Soloutions
  • To decrease the posibility that the player create a group of 1000 Robots/Mechs (which are overpowered) there will be a limit of 5 or so (Maybe research for additional Slots)
  • Multiplayer owner of a bot - i have no idea how to slove that but maybe the team have access to all mechs which are placed by the same team
By the way
  • Maybe it is easier than it sounds because its only a bigger Player with other textures the only thing what can be difficult are the orders
I hope it isn´t to abstract and that this idea is not a duplicate :|
Sorry for maybe bad english and greetings from germany :)

Some pictures what i think


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Re: Mechs / Robots (KI) for the Player

Post by Niizuki »

Love this idea. Maybe try mod called robot army?

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