Implementation of wind and the effects on polution.

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Implementation of wind and the effects on polution.

Post by Ginerio »

tl;dr: implementation of random wind, which streches the polution into the direction of the wind, randomising the biter spawns that are in the polution zone.

To be honest, I have nothing more to add than the tl;dr. What I would like to add is that wind turbines could be added as electricity source as well, depending on the wind speeds.

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Re: Implementation of wind and the effects on polution.

Post by ssilk »

I added this to posting.php?mode=edit&f=80&p=133677 Events (Environmental Disasters and Weather)

Ah. Well, wind is already implemented with exactly this effect, but - and that is my issue here - it is "not right" yet.

Recommended changes:
- The wind should change not so much. Currently it changes so much, that the wind has only an effect on very small pollution for very short time. Should: The wind changes only within minutes/days and has a very visible effect then.
- Same with the wind speed: The wind speed changes so often, that the average between 0 and MAX can be taken as guaranteed input over a day. Should: It changes within days. There could be a number of days without wind. This should have a high effect on the energy production.
- Preferred wind-directions: There is some kind of "profile", that is used to calculate the amount wind from that direction. The effect is then, that we can create a map, where the wind comes most times from north-west or south-east. The effect is, that the pollution is dragged into a special direction. This can also influcene fire and other effects.
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