Beginner use of entity build algebra

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Beginner use of entity build algebra

Post by detuqumo »

Hi, still doing the first Factorio game … been playing the past few weeks … no critters in this first game.

I like to take notes when I'm playing a game since Steam games get complicated very quickly.

As I've been playing this first Factorio game, I discovered it was getting more difficult to remember where stuff was … hence the game notes.

I've developed a relatively simple way to specify where ore is located (ex: center area) via: square within a square horizontal + vertical = hv-hv.

Also, using the extended character set, I discovered a simple algebraic way to describe what is built / connected at a given ore site.

For instance, 2* m1(cp)←t1(s1, cc-lc, ۞) at cc-lt copper ore site describes how a stockpile of s1 (science pack 1) are built.

Note that cc-lt means outer square: horizontal center-vertical center and inner square: horizontal left-vertical top.

And m1 = df<←c(co)>→c(?) meaning drill to furnace supplied (inserter) by chest containing coal and storing (inserter) copper plates in a chest.

Then t1 = a<←╬: ?(?)>→c(?) means the copper plate and ۞ from cc-lc is passed (inserter) to an assembler making s1 inserted into a chest.

Think of m1 and t1 as build segment functions that are fully defined once the argument(s) are supplied.

Note, ?* is a way to specify multiples of the same thing. Anyone taken this approach in Factorio play?

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