[1.1.69] Game freezes after any user input

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[1.1.69] Game freezes after any user input

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My game loads fine, and will start-up the save file okay. But as soon as I give any user input (a key press, scrolling or clicking with mouse) the game will freeze. See example video where the game freezes as soon as I scroll out.
  • I don't get any error messages.
  • It is only the game that freezes, the PC is fine, and I can close Factorio with the task manager.
  • Once I load into the game, it seems like Factorio runs fine indefinetly; the game runs fine for several minutes, but as soon as there is any user input it freezes
  • It seems to only happen with my Pyanodons save files: vanilla new game, SE+K2, IR2 save files were fine.
  • The Pyanodons and SE+K2 save files/bases are equal in size and complexity so I don't think it's related to that. My PC was running all the above save files fine until 2022-09-20
  • The first time this happened was when I tried to paste a huge blueprint; the game froze, I assumed this blueprint was just too ambitious for my PC, and restarted Factorio. But then the above issues kept happening.
Any ideas?
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