Grid based scenario with mixed ores

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Grid based scenario with mixed ores

Post by Trblz » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:35 pm

This scenario creates a grid (96x96) based map with voids trenches and bridges to each other. The bridges have a random 20% chance of not being generated.
A grid can be filled with a mixed(!) ore based (iron, copper, stone, coal, uranium) or with oil. This replaces the vanilla ore generation setup.

The connection bridge is 6 x 10 large, wide enough for 3 rails side by side; it can fit 8 belt lanes with some underground trickery. As the void is 10 long, vanilla underground pipes won't span between grids.

The grid is based on fMMO multiplayer map by I_IBlackI_I.

1) find a way to completely stop vanilla ore spawning
2) sometimes bridges are partially formed.

*) tested and verified with Vanilla 0.16.51
*) should work with all mods that don't change the map / ore generation

1) unzip ZIP file in your scenario folder ..\Factorio\scenarios\Grid Random
2) start a new map
3) set "resource settings" to the absolute minimal resources (see gallery)
4) as the void protects you, enemy expanse should be left on.
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