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Version 0.18.43

Post by FactorioBot »

  • Updated the technology icons.
  • Updated the "Make a copy of blueprint" icon.
  • Added simple credits gui.
  • Updated the style of progressbar dialogs.
  • Updated the style of map editor.
  • Changed the default debug settings to only show grid and nothing else.
  • Fixed that Blueprint books in the library didn't propagate its modded icon backups properly into the game.
  • Fixed that Blueprint books in item form did loose its modded icon backed up state when saved between versions 0.18.37 and 0.18.42
  • Fixed that swapping ghost cursor with an item didn't clear the quickbar selection immediately.
  • Fixed PvP script error when starting a new round with duplicate starting areas. (87533)
  • Fixed PvP scenario not restoring character bonuses after respawn. (87493)
  • Fixed that most of the windows were not squashing as they should when they couldn't fit the screen.
  • Fixed squashing of save name label in the load/save map dialog and load/save map progress windows.
  • Fixed that biters could attack entities beyond their attack range. (87158)
  • Fixed crash when opening train gui through non-locomotive while in map view in latency state. (84158)
  • Fixed that the deconstruction planner was ignoring specified tile filters when removing tile ghosts.
  • Fixed that the deconstruction planner with normal tile setting was ignoring tiles when the selection contained only tile ghosts + tiles.
  • Fixed that the deconstruction planner with tile ghost filter selected didn't select (with whitelist) or ignore (with blacklist) the tile ghosts.
  • Fixed that the deconstruction planner with tiles and rocks only and blacklist always ignored tiles.
  • Fixed lights of entities just outside of right or bottom border of screen were drawn twice sometimes.
  • Fixed drag-placing ghost item in zoomed-to-world view would drag the view instead. (87559)
  • Fixed that barreling recipes were generated for "fluid-unknown".
  • Empty LuaPrototype collision masks will now return an empty table, rather than nil.
  • LuaEntity::circuit_connected_entities and LuaEntity::circuit_connection_definitions return data for entity ghosts. (45823)
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at

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Re: Version 0.18.43

Post by Windsinger »

Nice work!

"Fixed that Blueprint books in the library didn't propagate its modded icon backups properly into the game."
This one especially raised a few eyebrows for me when it happened, glad it's already fixed <3

Oh damn at those new tech icons, they are awesome :O

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Re: Version 0.18.43

Post by EnerJi »

Thanks for cranking out the updates!

Any plans to tweak the new blueprint functionality? Some good discussion and suggestions (including low-impact / low-risk suggestions which could feasibly be implemented before 1.0) in this thread:

Blueprint Library Feedback

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Re: Version 0.18.43

Post by valneq »

The tech icons are great! Great job!

Is there any chance to get updated icons for the crafting/signal categories? Especially "Logistics" looks out of place now. And "fluids" always looked too much like science packs, not like fluids droplets.
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Re: Version 0.18.43

Post by Dev-iL »

Albert Bertolín Soler / glex - Art director
Ales Navratil / Zopa - Graphic designer
Ben Buckton / Abregado - Level designer
Dan Stevens / TOGoS - Programmer
Daniel James Taylor - Composer & sound designer
Denis Koshman / Harkonnen - Programmer
Dominik Franek - Programmer
Dominik Schmaderer - 3D artist
Erik Wellmann / Bilka - Wiki admin
Ernestas Norvaišas / Einis - 3D artist
Ian Macbeth - Sound designer
Jiří Šebele - Programmer
Jitka Říhová - Office & Administration manager
Kuba Marek / Blue Cube - Programmer
Martin Hanzík / HanziQ - Operations Developer
Michal Kovařík / kovarex - Founder, Technology director
Michal Pavelčík / Posila - Programmer
Ondřej Majerech / Oxyd - Programmer
Robert Asaftei / Twinsen - Programmer
Robert Eding / Rseding91 - Programmer
Sławomir Fraś / boskid - QA tester
Sanqui - Operations Developer
Scott Woodhouse / Klonan - Press, Community & Support manager
Tomáš Kozelek / slpwnd - Managing director
Tom Mason / wheybags - Programmer
Václav Benč / V453000 - Technical artist
Valerii Kuznietsov / Soliery - Sound designer

Big thanks to our source access community members who contributed code to the game.

One very big thank you goes to the whole Factorio community, namely on the Factorio forums, on Steam, and on Reddit.
- They have been testing experimental versions and found many bugs.
- They created some great mods for the game.
- They have been helping out to the people new to the game.
- They have provided us with ideas, suggestions and feedback.
- They have translated the game to many languages.
Leading Hebrew translator of Factorio.

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Re: Version 0.18.43

Post by Recon777 »

Did they fix the bug where if you use a deconstruction planner that is inside your blueprint library but linked to your hotbar... crashes the game?

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Re: Version 0.18.43

Post by TheBrain0110 »

FactorioBot wrote:
Thu Aug 06, 2020 4:24 pm
Fixed that biters could attack entities beyond their attack range. (87158)
Evidently this also broke Klonan's Construction Drones mod. Now they drive up to their target, and sit there doing nothing. I'd guess their "actual" interaction range is less than their "approach to" range. They will still work if you're standing right next to a ghost, so they're already within their actual range when they come out. Picking them back up is a bit wonky too, you basically have to walk into them for them to go back in your inventory.

See Mod Portal Discussion and other related threads from today.

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Re: Version 0.18.43

Post by NotRexButCaesar »

It’s too bad I don’t have my computer. I can’t wait to see the new icons
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Re: Version 0.18.43

Post by conn11 »

The credits are stylistically a little bit underwhelming. Functional enough maybe for the rather seldomly visited credit tab in the main menu.

But have you guys ever considered adding in a credit roll, starting after finishing the game?
I’m referring for example to the Minecraft credits (and of course many more).

The team’s name could e.g. appear behind a rocket animation ascending to space.

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