[Dominik] [0.17.6] Mixing Fluids With Upgrade Planer

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[Dominik] [0.17.6] Mixing Fluids With Upgrade Planer

Post by Cooldude2606 »

We have found a way to mix two fluids into the same pipe using the upgrade planer, we were messing around with some custom commands for testing and then found this bug with the pipes by acident when the icons started flashing rapidly.
We starting playing with the bug to find out how we did it and this is what we have found:

  1. Set up as showing in figure 1, can be any liquid.
  2. Extent the setup with some extra pipe and one extra underground pipe, see figure 2.
  3. Set up a upgrade planer to include underground pipe to pipe
  4. The underground pipe marked in figure 2 can be marked to be upgraded, the bots will replace it with the pipe marked in firgure 3.
  5. The two pipes are now connected with the underground pipe; done any other way will cause the undergrounds not to connect.
We have found that this will also cause desyncs for anyone who attempts to join after this has been done at least once.
Map screenshot
* please note that a custom scenario was present however this scenario only impiemnts new console commands, see map download.
Mixed Fluids 0.17.6.zip
Map with mixed fluids
(4.91 MiB) Downloaded 61 times
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Re: [Dominik] [0.17.6] Mixing Fluids With Upgrade Planer

Post by Dominik »

Hi, thanks for the report. There is no end to all these situations.. This one was, fortunately, simple to fix, just reverse of a similar one I was doing recently.

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