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by Hetakin
Sun Oct 04, 2020 12:16 pm
Forum: Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: New Enemies
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Re: New Enemies

I up this idea. Late game rts could be a good news. Introducing for the first time the concept of industrial RTS. As you can see in the good AAI mod that would give you an idea of the possibility in this game I don t think that this challenge will loose the community if it can be set up. On the cont...
by Hetakin
Wed Aug 19, 2020 9:41 am
Forum: Maps and Scenarios
Topic: Nauvis Post Collapse 2.0 (Alpha) New Youtube Channel // Discord Server:
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Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0 No response from the devs

I follow your work, hope you will be able to continue. A map with history and script would be really nice
by Hetakin
Wed Aug 19, 2020 9:26 am
Forum: Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: Spidertron should be an ennemy
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Spidertron should be an ennemy

Hi guys, As the spidertron has really not a userfriendly aspect, i suggest to add ennemies with this skin. As a new faction of alien agressive robot, the spidertron would be really scary. Nevertheless, it could stay a vehicule derivated from the alien tech study. It would be RP. So i propose the ide...
by Hetakin
Tue Aug 18, 2020 10:56 am
Forum: Angels Mods
Topic: Bugs & FAQ
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Re: Bugs & FAQ

Hi, I tried to run a game with AAI industries (wich is required for space exploration mod) + angel + krastorio 2. There is an incompatibility with those three mods together. Here is the error message : Error while running setup for recipe prototype "sans-to-solid-sand" (recipe) : Surbgroup...
by Hetakin
Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:13 am
Forum: News
Topic: Friday Facts #339 - Beacon HR + Redesign process
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Re: Friday Facts #339 - Beacon HR + Redesign process

Me and a friend, we don't like this design. In particular, we really enjoy the thirst approach (see below) it seems to be an alien construction.

by Hetakin
Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:36 pm
Forum: PyMods
Topic: pY Alien Life - Discussion
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Re: pY Alien Life - Discussion

Hi, I just discovered Pyanodon mod series for a couple of weeks and I found the concept absolutely amazing. Howerver, i'm trying it for few days and I have two problems. I didn't found any alien life as presented in this screen : I didn't found any alien in the map in...

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