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by M1A1
Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:59 pm
Forum: Not a bug
Topic: [0.12.20] Low bandwidth of the small pump
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[0.12.20] Low bandwidth of the small pump

Hello! I wanted to make a backup generator using a small pump as the valve (if there is no electricity - is waterproof). But I notice that the small pump is really bad pass water, even in comparison with the usual pipe. When I spend a water through the little pump work only 4 steam engine, and when ...
by M1A1
Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:19 am
Forum: Resolved Problems and Bugs
Topic: [0.11.17] [kovarex] Two-way-signals create additional blocks
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[0.11.17] [kovarex] Two-way-signals create additional blocks

Hello. I tried to get a few trains ride on a rail in both directions through the establishment of the railway ring and waiting areas. But when I tried to place Rail Signals I noticed a minor bug - when I put Signals on diagonal rails they did not find their "brothers" on the other side of ...

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