[Oxyd] [0.17.62] Crash exploring/killing biters: PathFinder::scheduleWaitingClients

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[Oxyd] [0.17.62] Crash exploring/killing biters: PathFinder::scheduleWaitingClients

Post by david.ahlstroem »

Latest experimental version.
Crash when im out exploring and killing biters with rocket launcher + atom bombs. Happened twice. The first time it happened when the bomb connected or slightly after, i think. I was running (pressing left and down arrow keys (A and S)) and biters were chashing me. Second time was the same but im not so sure if i even shot the rocket, sorry cant remember exactly. All the while I'm zoomed out to the max so i can see all the biters.
I attached a couple of files. Tell me if you guys want anything more. I try to answer all your questions. The save is just before the second crash, but its pretty hard to recreate.
(9.94 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
(676.86 KiB) Downloaded 25 times
(4.47 KiB) Downloaded 29 times
dav game 7.zip
(29.77 MiB) Downloaded 30 times

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Re: [Oxyd] [0.17.62] Crash exploring/killing biters: PathFinder::scheduleWaitingClients

Post by Oxyd »

Thanks, this should be fixed in 0.17.64.

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