[kovarex] [0.15.35] Non-square assemblers rotate strangely

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[kovarex] [0.15.35] Non-square assemblers rotate strangely

Post by Hexicube » Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:16 pm

There's a number of different things going on with assemblers and rotations, which become exposed when an attempt is made to create non-square ones:
  • The selection box never rotates
  • The collision box always rotates
  • The north sprite is always used for creating new assemblers without always-visible fluid boxes (however, an empty list of fluid boxes tricks it into using rotations)
  • An already placed assembler remembers the direction of the sprite that it got when it was placed, even if that is now impossible (such as when a mod updates)
The first two alone make it impossible to create a non-square assembling machine, since the selection box will be inaccurate for at least two of the four rotations.

One of the two should happen:
  • Collision boxes should never rotate, so that non-square assemblers act like rocket silos in that they have a fixed rotation
  • Selection boxes should always rotate and direction sprites should always be used, so that non-square assemblers can always rotate
The attached mod demonstrates the issue:
  • The battery charger machine is a non-square assembler (6x4)
  • Using an empty fluid box list it has been tricked into using rotation graphics, and the collision box also rotates, but the selection box does not
  • If the empty fluid box list is removed it only uses the north graphic, but the collision box still rotates
  • There is no way to disable collision rotation or enable selection rotation
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Re: [kovarex] [0.15.35] Non-square assemblers rotate strangely

Post by kovarex » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:22 pm

I fixed for 0.16:
  • Selection box of crafting machine was never rotated based on direction
  • Non-square bounding box was not considered to be a reason for assembling machine to be rotatable
  • Non-square bounding box was not disallowing rotation once build.
I hope it helps.

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