Balancing of Capacities of Containers

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Re: Balancing of Capacities of Containers

Postby Ohz » Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:54 pm

I like the idea to reduce size of chests, pushing us to stock things on special 2x2 or 3x3 warehouses.
If you want to stock, it's gonna cost you ressources, space and logistic, because I personnally believe you're supposed to run your factory smoothly, with small chest for buffers...

That's also push us to make bigger trainstation with space to handle huge stock, so wider trainstation like a tile or 2 wide for a dock, more realistic too.

OpenTTD mod:

And so you need special giant inserter to unload a train, if we make a wagon bigger capacity:

And why not a way to stock things is to use wagons:

I'm not english, sorry for my mistakes
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Re: Balancing of Capacities of Containers

Postby Ailure » Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:15 am

That is ton of waypoints in a row, not a station in openTTD. ;)

Either way, while I don't mind how much you can fit in a container, I find that oil barrels are a bit too effective at storing oil vs how much space they take in stacks. 100 barrels take up 10 slots within a container, while containing as much oil as a storage tank. I was almost a bit disappointed how a fresh but remote oil pumping station would barely fill up the train with filled barrels even when the train had it's orders delayed to the max of 200 seconds (yes I like to have a good excuse to use more than one wagon on my trains ;) ). Maybe it would be slightly better if they contained just 10 units of oil each (that's about how much a oil refinery consumes when refining), and would be max in stacks of five? (basically multiplying the required space by five) Even with this nerf, a level 2 assembly machine would empty barrels fast enough to feed 3.75 oil refineries (and most players don't seem to use more than two refineries from what I seen?).
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Re: Balancing of Capacities of Containers

Postby Slayn25 » Mon May 16, 2016 1:01 am

My first playthrough I appreciated the generous cargo sizes of the character, boxes, and the car because if they weren't so generous I think the gameplay would become a little punishing/grindy while you are still learning the ropes.

However, for my future playthroughs I think I would prefer smaller capacities for everything except the trains because:
1. I identify more with the "unrealistic = not immersive = not fun" crowd.
2. Now that I know how the game works, smaller inventories would be just another logistics problem to solve. The idea of smaller inventories for everything but the train actually makes a new playthrough sound more appealing to me as I would have to rely more on the car in the early/mid game. (I crafted the car when I got the tech but didn't find it useful until the late game when I had claimed a lot of land)

Maybe a hard/realistic mode would solve this? (more likely a mod I'm guessing)

The Dark Souls player in me says give the character 1 slot, containers 1 slot, cars 5 slots, and the train of course would be the santier's spear/dual-avelyn wielding havel monster.
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Re: Balancing of Capacities of Containers

Postby Chao » Fri May 20, 2016 2:26 pm

There's actually two issues to consider here I think, total items and variety of items. Trying to rebalance number of slots will have problems because as a player I don't really need thousands of plates but I do generally need a variety of items. Ditto for cars or tanks where I may well want a variety to start up a new base. Chests with a large number of slots are also great for emptying what im currently carrying.

So a suggestion here would be to not reduce the number of slots on chests and players but quarter the slot capacity for them. This would also be good for the early trap for new players of trying to hand craft or move lots of items and will push people into realising its time for more assemblers, more belts or time to start that train network.

Then to rebalance the trains give them deeper stacks (the same amount as currently). You could also have the warehouse type building people mention with the same increased stack depth, possibly with fewer actual slots for the large buffer and unloading scenarios. This also has a nice balancing decision between things designed for mass storage of a few things vs a few of many things.
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Re: Balancing of Capacities of Containers

Postby bobucles » Fri May 20, 2016 7:31 pm

Perhaps instead of changing the slot count, perhaps the stacking size of items could be changed? Not too long ago assemblers were changed to store arbitrary amounts of materials in order to build things. Because of that change, the 200 stack of green circuits no longer has any reason to stay. A single slot could very well hold 20 circuits today and the major change for the player is to just liek build moar factory instead of stashing all these raw materials on hand.

The only thing that needs high capacity storage is a train car, and that can be taken care of without much difficulty.
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Re: Balancing of Capacities of Containers

Postby RiiDii » Fri May 18, 2018 6:12 am

The balance between cargo wagons, chests, cars, tanks, and the player has bothered me as well. It feels like the cargo wagon should just carry more because it is bigger.

That said, there are some other logic issues. For example, storing a chest, the size of a chest, inside a chest. Tardis anyone? Or, even worse, storing 3x3 assembly machines inside a 1x1 chest. I won't even get into the volume and weight of all the cr*p the guy is carrying. So, I figure there must be something going on that we just don't see; some sort of energy ray that converts stuff. My guess, this ray makes things smaller and turns them into little energy cubes - like the dehydration tech from Megamind.
Megamind Dehydrated Fish Thingy.png
Megamind Dehydrated Fish Thingy.png (162.75 KiB) Viewed 26 times

Taking this idea a little further, perhaps instead of water, the shrunken factorio energy cubes are susceptible to vibrations. Just tossing them roughly to the ground causes things to revert back to their normal sizes and states. Chests have almost no vibrations, so you can store a lot without a lot of padding. Trains, on the other hand, have a lot vibrating going on, so a lot of the space is used to cushion these cubes against the rough train rides and occasional collisions. Tanks and cars need some cushioning because of blah-blah-unimportant-detailed-and-completely-made-up-explanation-blah-blah. And there you have it. It all makes perfect sense now.
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